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Fotoğrafta ki kadın izleri fatma çakmak

Woman Traces on The Photograph, 2016, Mixed Media, 96x 250 cm , 62 Pieces, @O'Art Galery  2017

We are watching those womens sad faces and virtuous laughters that are taken to frame from one angle. These reflections are being printed with multiple duplication everyday. In the end they are breaking away from the point of past scale and spliting into milllions by losing their real and only image. As they split, their feelings are dying and as this is repeated esthetic lives energy is disappearing and its getting monotonous. As Benjamin said " What makes art to be art is its present and herein. So being present and herein in machine’s printout is fake." But these women are real.

The emergent work has come into existence not only because of drama that woman live in but also the attitude that photo has since it appeared. In the works 62 images that have beend selected among women photos, against unreal mass production, with the idea of being only of each woman, have been manuplated that made them only. Wholly arranged small sized photo manuplations are being displayed with the same approach of womens being collective: All works being united in the same frame.

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