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Militay Memoir, 2019, 5-part installation consist of a total 36 pieces, mixed media,

125 x 340 cm, @Akaretler 2022

In modern times, however, according to psychology – that defines the human being as an “individual”, the basic building block of society – and other researches, we see that individuals are opposed to killing and other acts of violence. But the individual within a military establishment, contrary to the opinion that they carry in their essence, will present a mental state of willingness to kill, and becomes part of a multitude of similar mind-sets where the general overshadows the


In this series, the works compiled from photographs that have been rendered anonymous through the internet and dispersed to various locations via the internet, are presented after being subjected to manipulation. These frames, documenting the everyday “human” conditions of soldiers, on their own or in groups, not in battle, and overall without a historical and pro-war discourse, remind us of a realm of existence far from the individual who has become mechanical by standing right next to violence, and closer to their “lost” essence.

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